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Video Distribution Systems

Video distribution is a simple solution for a project that requires video sources such as the dvd library, cable etc. distributed to multiple tvs in the house. Although we say is a simple solution, most people get confused on why they need it. We have been designing and installing video distribution systems for many years and have a lot of experience in that sector of our business.

Multiple Room Music Audio DistributionImagine having all the Components in a central location. Now imagine being able to view a dvd in the kitchen Lcd display and be able to transfer it to the Den Plasma Display or have it play at both locations at the same time.

Heard something outside? Press a button on your touch-panel and the cameras show up on the tv in the kitchen, or the Den, or both. Switch back to cable and you can share the show you are watching between the kitchen and the den or the master bedroom if you wish.

Sports Bars and Restaurants are more likely to need such systems but we have seen a big increase in the residential sector the past couple of years. Ask us how we can enhance your viewing experience through video distribution.